General Manager

Yavuz ÖZKORKMAZ, the founder and the general manager of our company that was founded in 1975 by D.B. DENİZ NAKLİYATI T.A.Ş. marine life started in the public establishment, ship navigation and communication tools have been passed through training and practices, 15 years of this with domestic and foreign voyages with ships and the rest has been passed to provide electronic service to ships.

Yavuz ÖZKORKMAZ retired in 1996 and then has established OZ EL MARINE ELECTRONIC with the licenses obtained from the authorized institutions and provides service to domestic / foreign ships, agents and ship owners with the technical of authorized experts in the field of navigation and communication devices.

We know very well that education plays an important role in the transfer of maritime culture, which is our national country, to the next generations and the establishment of maritime culture. Therefore, as an expert in the field that we offer seminars to educational institutions as well as to help those who wish to receive services. We need to know that we’ re all on the same ship.

In ship electronics industry; The changing demands and expectations of the customers, which have increased the competitive conditions and the level of consciousness, necessitate the continuous development and improvement of both the products and the services provided.

OZ EL MARINE ELECTRONIC; evaluates the demands and expectations of the sector objectively with experience and expert view. So; it is trying to create loyal customers by providing customer satisfaction with a dynamic, innovative and progressive approach. In this sense, the basic principles that make up our vision and the values that will not be abandoned;
Continuity in quality,
Reasonable price,
Mutual trust,
To be able to meet all the requirements of ship electronics,
With more than 30 years of experience, we are aiming to bring young generations to the sector.

Together with the developing technology, with over 30 years of experience in the ship electronics industry and with our competent technical staff specialized in the field, we provide professional electronic service in all Turkish ports for the safety of navigation of ships.

In the ship electronics sector, we provide the standard quality of our spare parts and equipment according to the needs of the customer. We always strive for reasonable price, high quality and timely delivery. With our quality and cost-oriented solutions, we prioritize providing a unique service to domestic / foreign agents and ship owners.