A Gyro compass is a form of gyroscope, used widely on ships employing an electrically powered, fast-spinning gyroscope wheel and frictional forces among other factors utilising the basic physical laws, influences of gravity and the Earth’s rotation to find the true north.

Gyro compass has become one indispensable instrument in almost all vessels for its ability to detect the direction of true north and not the magnetic north. It is comprised of the following units:

Master Compass: Discovers and maintains the true north reading with the help of gyroscope.

Repeater Compasses: Receive and indicate the true direction transmitted electrically from the Master Compass.

What are requirements for Gyro compass?

As per SOLAS CH V, Regulation 19 (Carriage requirements for shipborne navigational systems and equipments)

All ships of 500 gross tonnage and upwards shall have, (Regln. of SOLAS CH V)

A gyro compass, to determine and display their heading by shipborne non-magnetic means, being clearly readable by the helmsman at the main steering position.

A gyro compass heading repeater, to supply heading information visually at the emergency steering position.

A gyro compass bearing repeater, to take bearings, over an arc of the horizon of 360º.

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  4. Replacement of Sensitive Element & Gyrosphere

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